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October 4, 2023

InnoFlex: Chemical Engineering Internship

Development, synthesizing and testing of photocatalytic materials for ammonia abatement.

Company Overview:

InnoFlex is an innovative startup specializing in the development and implementation of industrial-scale photocatalytic systems to combat air pollution. The very first systems will target ammonia in the industry and livestock sectors. Ammonia is a big contributor to a pressing problem within the Netherlands called the “stikstof crisis.”


As an intern chemical materials developer, you will be actively researching and developing advanced photocatalytic materials. Leveraging your background in chemistry and catalysis, you will create materials capable of harnessing light energy to facilitate chemical reactions and effectively reduce air pollution. Your assignment is to develop a photocatalytic material that can breakdown ammonia. During the internship you will research the current body of literature, develop samples and test them in our photocatalytic reactor.

By the end of the internship, this material can then be implemented in a larger sized reactor to test ammonia abatement in an industrial setting.

Your internship will include the following activities:

  • Conduct research on chemical processes and photocatalysis, utilizing experimental techniques and laboratory equipment.

  • Design and synthesize photocatalytic materials with specific properties, such as high surface reactivity, long-term stability, and efficiency in generating reactive oxygen species.

  • Perform experiments to evaluate the photocatalytic activity of materials, such as measuring the degradation of pollutants under light exposure.

  • Be involved in the day to day activities of InnoFlex.


Contact information:

If you are interested, please contact Kevin Lagarde. | +31 6 2761 7257

Location: High Tech Campus 27, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

We look forward to having. you as an intern at InnoFlex and believe this internship will provide you with valuable experience in the field of chemical nanotechnology and photocatalytic materials development.