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October 4, 2023

InnoFlex: Mechanical Engineering Internship

Design and optimization of photocatalytic reactor for breakdown of ammonia.

Company Overview:

InnoFlex is an innovative startup specializing in the development and implementation of industrial-scale photocatalytic systems to combat air pollution. The very first systems will target ammonia in the industry and livestock sectors. Ammonia is a big contributor to a pressing problem within the Netherlands called the “stikstof crisis.”


As a Mechanical Engineering intern at InnoFlex, you will develop, build and fine-tune a cutting-edge photocatalytic reactor system. This hands-on internship opportunity will provide you with valuable experience in the field of mechanical engineering, environmental technology and sustainable solutions.

Your internship will include the following activities:

  • Design: Design the photocatalytic reactor system, considering factors such as materials, geometry, airflow, configuration of lights and material and scalability.
  • Prototyping: build your own design of reactor, working with various mechanical components and systems. You will be actively supported by a team of experts.
  • Testing: Conduct experiments and performance tests on the photocatalytic reactor to evaluate its efficiency, durability, and safety for the breakdown of ammonia.
  • Optimization: Analyze test results and contribute to the optimization of the reactor’s design and operational parameters.
  • Collaboration: Work closely with the rest of the team and external parties. Through this internship, you will also learn of other disciplines such as material development and business development.

Contact Information:

If you are interested, please contact Kevin Lagarde. | +31 6 2761 7257
Location: High Tech Campus 27, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

We look forward to having you as an intern at InnoFlex and believe this internship will provide you with valuable experience in the field of mechanical engineering.