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Sofia Marakis
Less than 1 minute Minutes

Empowering Diversity: HighTechXL Joins the ‘Including You’ Campaign by Expat Spouses Initiative

HighTechXL is proud to join forces with the Expat Spouses Initiative in championing the “Including You” campaign. In a world that’s increasingly interconnected, fostering an inclusive professional ecosystem is not just beneficial; it’s essential for innovation and sustainable development.

At its core, the “Including You” campaign seeks to connect individuals from diverse educational backgrounds and sectors to forge teams that are not only diverse but also future-proof and innovative.

A part of the initiative is the Face of Change Network, a think tank of professionals passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) to become ambassadors within their organizations. This collaborative effort aims to explore and implement dual-career support strategies at a local level, particularly in the Brabant region (NL).

That’s why we are proud to become part of this initiative as a company and with a group of ambassadors who are going to help the organization implement diversity and inclusion within the business. Diversity is a business asset for us and our startups.

Furthermore, the “Including You” campaign offers a unique opportunity for forward-thinking entities to partner directly with the Expat Spouses Initiative. Through this collaboration, solutions are crafted to engage and support the international community more effectively, with initiatives such as the Talent100 program, which opens up opportunities for accompanying partners and spouses.