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Holger Seitz, EP&C Patent Attorneys
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EP&C Patent Attorneys: Do’s and don’ts when applying for a patent

Check existing developments before you start

Are you launching a new product? Are you starting a business? Before you start with the house style and website, check whether the name has already been registered.

Make agreements about intellectual property right

In case of cooperation with third parties, ALWAYS make clear and written agreements about Intellectual Property Rights. You won’t be the first to see a freelancer or design agency take off with your invention!

Map the competitor’s IP portfolio

Map out the competitor’s IP portfolio and monitor it regularly. It provides useful information.

Don’t just accuse anyone of infringement

Don’t just accuse anyone of committing an infringement. If this turns out not to be the case afterwards, you can be held liable for the consequences.

Do not write a patent application yourself

A patent application is a legal document and drafting requires professionalism and customization. One wrong description can make a patent worthless. So do not write a patent application yourself.

Contact a patent attorney

Contact a patent attorney as soon as your invention becomes concrete. This helps you to give direction to your idea in order to create maximum entrepreneurial space.

Conduct research at an early stage

Researching  the patent literature early:

• to find out if your idea is patentable
• to gain insight into the market
• to prevent you from infringing an existing patent

Keep your idea secret until submission

Keep your idea secret until submitted. If you do not do this, it will often no longer be possible to apply for a patent. So:

• do not test in public
• do not present at a seminar or trade show
• do not tell on a birthday!

Holger Seitz, M.SC., EP&C Attorneys

EP&C Patent Attorneys partners with HighTechXL to provide startups in our deep-tech venture building program understand all they need to know about intellectual property. EP&C helps our startups create a patent strategy that will provide the best protection for their innovations.

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