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HighTechXL joins prestigious DeepTech Alliance

We’re excited to announce we’re expanding our global ecosystem – again – as we join the DeepTech Alliance.

The DeepTech Alliance brings together the best European deep-tech startup incubators, thought leaders, innovative corporates, investors and the continent’s most promising deep-tech startups.
“We’re thrilled to be the Dutch representative within the DeepTech Alliance,” said John Bell, CEO of HighTechXL. “We look forward to collaborating with alliance members to create new, impactful opportunities and expand the global network of experts and companies.”

HighTechXL is a premier deep-tech venture builder crafting ventures that tackle grand societal challenges and connect them with essential resources, such as investors, advisors and customers.

HighTechXL’s ecosystem includes startup centers, tech experts, business leaders and stakeholders across the globe, including HighTechXL partner Singapore Deep-Tech Alliance, Rise Europe and technology partners in the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Canada, Poland and beyond.

We’re excited to share our expertise in building, from the ground up, deep-tech startups that leverage groundbreaking technologies to solve grand societal challenges.
DeepTech Alliance is a collaboration between deep-tech startup support organizations associated with leading European technical universities assessing +6500 startups across member hubs annually.

DeepTech Alliance connects startups with corporates and investors to ensure high-potential European deep tech-based solutions are matched with the capital and market opportunities they need to scale internationally.
The program is powered by DeepTech Alliance and its members: UnternehmerTUM, XPRENEURS Incubator, Hello Tomorrow, ETH Entrepreneurship, PoliHub Innovation Park & Startup Accelerator, THINGS, Kongsberg Innovation, The Collider/Mobile World Capital Barcelona, Ljubljanski Univerzitetni Inkubator and DTU Science Park.