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HealthTechXL: a program for healthcare and MedTech ventures

HighTechXL and BOM Development Agency join forces to create, build and develop healthcare and MedTech ventures from the ground up.

HighTechXL provides access to groundbreaking IP and entrepreneurial talent to create teams. Teams complete our proprietary venture builder program, and they are ready for investor engagement.

BOM is an experienced venture capitalist that helps guide startups through a diverse range of funding mechanisms. The agency has extensive knowledge of medical, clinical and regulatory issues for startups, which is a critical asset in venture development.

During the first HealthTechXL info session in June, more than 50 people gathered in HTC 27 to learn more about this new initiative that combines the strengths and insights of the two organizations. 

Stephan Hulsbergen introduced BOM and its role in scaling health and MedTech startups, and Program Director Robin van Scheijndel introduced HighTechXL and its venture builder program.

“The Eindhoven region breathes medical technology, but a venture building program to allow more companies to grow faster was still missing, said Hulsbergen. “The enormous turnout at the information session shows how much need there is for this program. It was a unique experience to put together a strong program with all partners in the region. Successes of fast-growing healthtech companies are inevitable.”

HealthTechXL’s proprietary toolchain systematically drives value creation on different KPIs, just like the “regular” HighTechXL program. However, in this HealthTechXL edition, there is a specific focus on clinical and regulatory areas.‍


What’s next?

The next HealthTechXL info session is set for August 22, and you can sign up here


How does it work?

Before you sign up for the next info session, let us tell you about the process to become a co-founder of a deep-tech venture.

Questionnaire & interview: The first step to becoming a co-founder is to fill out the entrepreneur questionnaire. Is startup life for you? We use this questionnaire as input for a conversationWe then invite you to an interview so we get to know each other better.

Team Formation: We will connect you to other potential co-founders with an interest in the same technology. During a few meet and greet sessions, you have the opportunity to choose the person with whom you would like to start the pre-program.

Pre-program: Along with experts and advisors, you will generate creative and bright ideas around the technology and work on the business case validation. You answer these questions: Where does this technology add value? What is the impact on the market? The pre-program ends with Final Selection Day, where teams are selected to start the program.

Start program: During this journey, the HighTechXL program team helps you build your business and becoming investor ready.


HealthTechXL 2023 timeline

September 1: six week pre-program begins

October 15: Gate Moment, where teams present their business proposition to HighTechXL team, industry experts and members of the Eindhoven Startup Alliance. If teams pass the Gate, they begin Phase 1 of the deep-tech venture building program.

Program Phase 1 : two months

December 15: Gate Moment. If teams pass the Gate, they begin Phase 2.

Program Phase 2: six months

Late June 2024: Demo Day (XL Day) where teams pitch to an audience of investors, potential partners and the community.