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Cheryl Boyd
Less than 1 minute Minutes

Astrape and Senergetics ‘fly the nest’

Astrape and Senergetics have flown the nest! Both deep-tech ventures passed their final Gate and have officially completed the HighTechXL venture builder program. Congratulations, teams!

“Starting and building a venture is scary, exciting and exhausting all at the same time,” said Robin van Scheijndel. “I’m thrilled to see the people who were introduced to the HighTechXL program one year ago managed to find the right team for them.”

It’s amazing to see these people and their ventures evolve from an idea around a whiteboard to companies attracting global attention, funding and new team members.

“High Tech XL has been an amazing part of our journey towards building a sustainable and impactful business. We’re grateful for their invaluable guidance, support and resources. Thank you for your continuous commitment to our success,” said Anitha, co-founder and CTO at Senergetics.

“High Tech XL has played an instrumental role in shaping our revolutionary product, providing us with support and guidance throughout the program,” said Astrape CEO Francesco Pessolano. “We are grateful for their unwavering commitment to our success as we continue to grow and disrupt the industry. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey towards building a faster, more sustainable Internet.”

When teams leave the HighTechXL program, they typically find office space either at HTC 27 or nearby on High Tech Campus Eindhoven. Astrape and Senergetics are now considered HighTechXL “alumni,” which means we still support them and work to connect them to our investor network as well as connect them with potential customers. 

We’re very positive about the future ahead with these founders as we continue supporting them towards success.