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Cheryl Boyd
Less than 1 minute Minutes

FasTrackathon 2023: The best one yet?

The first FasTrackathon of 2023, held April 14th, was among the best we’ve ever held! The office was positively buzzing with excitement as 11 teams spent the afternoon brainstorming application areas and business ideas to take 7 advanced technologies to market. 
This is venture-building in the making. 🚀 
We scout deep tech from research institutes and tech companies across the globe. We present them at FasTrackathon, where attendees can be an entrepreneur for the day OR take the leap and co-found a deep-tech venture. Either way, they want to make a social impact and solve global challenges. 
Teams chose their technologies, came together and completed the Market Opportunity Navigator the first part of the afternoon. Robin van Scheijndel held a 30-minute storytelling workshop, after which teams wrote their pitches they presented at the end of the day. 
Everyone got to play investor and use their allotted €1M to spend after each pitch. 
And the envelope please … both biophotonics teams “raised” the most capital of all the pitches. 
Thanks to all who came to FasTrackathon! Feel free to take the next step on your own venture journey and join a deep-tech venture! Get in touch: