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Amber doubles the number of car-sharing hubs with recent investment from BOM Brabant ventures

(Editor’s Note: This post was published on the Amber website January 30, 2020. Amber is an alumnus of the HighTechXL accelerator program and just announced a round of funding to double the number of car-sharing hubs from 70 to 140 with a recent round of investment.)

Amber, the Eindhoven provider of business shared cars, is scaling up. The network of more than 70 hubs where customers can pick up or leave their electric car will be expanded to more than 140 hubs. In order to enable the proposed tripling of sales, BOM Brabant Ventures is investing in Amber together with a consortium of investors. Earlier, BMW dealer holding company Pala Group BV already invested in the company.

“We get questions from new customers and ABN AMRO, Philips and EY as well as self-employed professionals every day about new hubs and expansion of our network,” says Hans de Penning, director of Amber.

“With BOM we have found the strong and reliable investor that makes it possible to meet this customer demand and to continue to grow quickly.”

“The BOM has been one of Amber’s satisfied customers for a while,” says Jeroen Willems, investment manager at BOM Brabant Ventures. “One of the hubs is even on our parking lot in Tilburg. The investment is special because measurable agreements have been made about responsible use of raw materials through the use of sustainably produced vehicles and about a CO₂ reduction of no less than 30 million kilos in the coming five years. This investment makes a major contribution to our social objectives. “

Amber not only sees commercial possibilities in offering business shared cars with a ride guarantee. By offering emission-free intercity transport, Amber also wants to contribute to the quality of life in cities and the reduction of CO₂ emissions. With Amber, employees who have business arrangements during the day can still come to the office by public transport or by bicycle. Amber is one of the parties that won the MaaS tender in Amsterdam, a project initiated by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management to promote sustainable mobility.