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Sofia Marakis
3 Minutes

Exploring the latest technologies: Dive into the next Tech Briefing on March 15th

Discover Your Co-Founder Potential!

Are you ready to dive into the world of innovation and entrepreneurship? Join us for an exclusive Tech Briefing on March 15th, where we’re on the lookout for potential co-founders (CEOs, CTOs, and CBOs)! We’re seeking experts in business management, microelectronics, material science, chemical engineering, electrochemistry, quantum security, photonics, and related fields.

Explore Cutting-Edge Technologies

Get a glimpse of the future with our featured technologies:

Fiber Optic Sensing

Using fiber optics and integrated photonics to create a high precision sensing tool to measure a wide range of effects, over long distances with extreme precision. The possibilities are virtually endless, and we need enthusiastic entrepreneurs to find and develop the next great application for this system.

Femtoampere Signal Measurement

 CERN developed and chip-integrated their new femtoampere measurement system. Creating a robust, very cheap and highly precise system to measure signals in a wide range of settings. This opens up a range of new markets such as biomedical research, environmental monitoring, semiconductor device characterization and many more.

Polymer Sand 

A new material was created to combat the high pollution of strong materials like concrete. The material is combined with sand to create a material with strength matching a lot of materials being used around us today. After dehydrating the material, it even becomes moldable again to reshape, reuse, and repurpose the material! We need enthusiastic entrepreneurs to find and develop the first application for this material.


Biofouling is a natural threat to hundreds of processes that use water. This technology utilizes UVC-Led’s to create a protective layer on surfaces that need to stay clear for safety, sustainable, and performance purposes.

The protective layer encapsulates the UVC to stay bound to the submerged surface and only affect the organisms that try to latch on to that surface. Biofouling prevention is required in a wide variety of markets, HighTechXL and Philips are looking for entrepreneurs to develop these different applications.

Non-Oxide Ceramics Production

Recent developments in process engineering allowed innovate the production process of MAX phase powder (a novel type of ceramics with unique capabilities: in between traditional ceramics and metals), through a molten salt process. With this patented process, the required upscaling can be reached allowing them to be viable alternatives for a large range of applications. HighTechXL need entrepreneurs to develop the large set of possible applications and develop a road map for the production process.

Click the button below to download the one-pagers for detailed insights into these technologies.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of something extraordinary! This event is exclusively for co-founders in our talent pool. To kickstart the assessment process and secure your spot at this exclusive event, reach out to our HTXL recruiter Ximena Cortes at

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Joining our Tech Briefing is your first step towards an exciting entrepreneurial journey. Don’t wait – seize the opportunity today!