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June 21, 2023

Veridis: multiple internships available

Company Information

‍Veridis is a deep-tech startup developing a novel instrument to improve quality control in plastic recycling: MAssive DSC ANalysis (MADSCAN).

This MADSCAN technology is based on Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), a thermal analysis technique. DSC can be used to analyse plastics/polymers to give a material characterisation (material type, degradation, etc.).

With our MADSCAN technology we scale up the sample size of a DSC by a factor 100.000. This allows us to give a representative analysis of large batches of plastics, thereby increasing the relevance to the recycling industry. With this method we are able to analyse dark plastics, detect material degradation, and most importantly we directly increase the commercial value of recycled plastics.

‍Veridis has multiple internships available, including:

• Marketing

•Polymer Research

• Physics/mathematics 

• Thermal Data Analysis

• Business Development 

‍See all job descriptions here.