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FasTrackathon: Integrated Photonics edition

We’re partnering with PhotonDelta to roll out a special event at the PIC Summit.

Get ready for FasTrackathon: Integrated Photonics Edition!

This special reverse-hackathon will take place November 8th, from 13:00-17:00 at the Evoluon in Eindhoven.

The FasTrackathon is THE event for (future) entrepreneurs who want to start a deep-tech venture in the Integrated Photonics domain.

Integrated photonics is … complicated. It’s a fast moving landscape with ever changing technology and infinite applications. Finding the right product-market fit is a challenge, especially in this field.

Not sure what to do or where to start? That’s where HighTechXL comes in!

At the FasTrackathon, we’ll translate PhotonDelta’s four opportunity roadmaps – agrifood, healthcare, automotive and data and telecom – into concrete and actionable business cases.

Groups will choose an opportunity roadmap and brainstorm technologies and application areas, developing their business propositions using the Market Opportunity Navigator and pitching their case at the end of the event.

Anyone can attend FasTrackathon at the PIC Summit. It’s a separate event run in parallel, so you don’t need a ticket to PIC Summit to join the fun at the FasTrackathon.

Come if you love integrated photonics. Come if you want to be an entrepreneur for a day. Join in if you are considering becoming a co-founder of a deep-tech venture using integrated photonics technologies to solve grand societal challenges. You may just meet another adventurer who wants to partner up and take the tech to market. Anything goes at our signature FasTrackathon events!

Don’t forget to bring your bold, bodacious ideas!