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June 21, 2023

Galuxea: CTO/Co-founder, Head of Material Design & Development

GALUXEA: Innovation in harmony with nature

We offer a unique opportunity to join Galuxea as CTO/Co-founder: Head of Material, Design & Development.

At Galuxea, we believe the world needs innovation in harmony with nature. We are passionate about creating durable solutions to create a more sustainable future. Current solutions to fight against biofouling are toxic and / or energy intensive. Our patented UVC-light technology delivers eco-friendly, permanent and proven protection from biofouling. 

The Galuxea solution uses natural ultraviolet light from tiny LED’s integrated in a transparent surface, radiating a low intensity UVC light that completely prevents any growth of microorganisms or biofouling. It is a superior solution to existing ones, allowing users to stop using chemicals or scraping techniques permanently. 

We are looking for a CTO/Co-founder to lead the design and development of our applications. Together with the CEO and CCO, she/he will form the Galuxea founding team. Our journey has already started, as we have a proven concept. Our CEO and CCO have two decades of experience in tech, startups and growing businesses.

Field of expertise and experience

As CTO you will be responsible for Materials, Design & development of products or coatings (ideally with electronics). You will scout, select and manage partners to develop, prototype and industrialize our solutions. In addition, it is helpful if you also have network and experience in, for example:

  • Silicon and hard plastic surface applications with electronic on different sub surfaces
  • Marine applications or heavy industrial applications
  • Light and sensor hardware design
  • We expect that you have at least five but ideally 10 or more years of relevant experience.

Key areas of responsibility

As co-founder, you will participate in strategizing, planning and executing hands-on a lot of things together as a team and leverage our network and expand with partners and resources when needed.

Most important tasks for the coming period to grow the venture include:

  • Find suitable materials and application methods to create surfaces with LEDs in scalable ways
  • Find and manage prototype, development and industrialization partners to deliver to customers.
  • Establish fast, lean and quality ways of working and mitigate risks to deliver high performance.

Education and professional background

  • An education in Material Science, Production and Marine Technology or similar is very suitable.
  • Experience with hands-on development in plastic coatings is crucial, ideally in marine environments.
  • If you also have an affinity and experience with electronics, it’s an advantage.

Expected mindset:

We are looking for a hands-on technical expert, an independent team member ready to visit customers and build samples but also think strategically, prioritize.

What truly matters is your passion and commitment to making a real impact. If you’re not afraid to roll up your sleeves and dive into the nitty-gritty, you’re the kind of leader we would like to join us. Last but not least, you should be a real team player.

As a startup venture, we offer unique opportunities including:

  • Be part of the HighTechXL venture builder program, accompanying our project since early 2023
  • Be part of the co-founding team and build our own company together.
  • Make sustainable impact on the planet in valuable ways for our customers and company.
  • Freedom and contribution and build a unique team experience to shape our own future.
  • A fair share of the company value and revenue reflecting your contribution and commitment.

We believe in work-life balance and enabling full-scale life. We welcome diversity and invite anyone with the right mindset and experience to apply for this unique position – and grow with us!

Please apply with CV and a short motivation video of a few minutes and send to: