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January 1, 2024

Deep-tech venture: Software Engineer

About Us:

This Deep-Tech venture is a spin-off from TNO in collaboration with HighTechXL. We are
developing printing equipment, using laser-based technology that has been researched at Holst
Centre for 10+ years.
We’re driven by innovation, and we’re on the lookout for a Software Engineer who shares our passion
for working in a dynamic startup environment. If you’re a versatile, proactive, and technically skilled
individual who enjoys a broad range of tasks and takes ownership of their work, you might be the
perfect fit for our team.
This exciting and rapidly evolving LIFT technology has significant potential to revolutionize industries
such as electronics, biotechnology, and microfabrication.

The system:

The system contains a laser with scanning mirrors, a stage, camera’s and several other critical
modules, which are controlled using a PC based architecture. Main programming language is C#.
The equipment will be installed in a fully automated production environment where an operator still
has interaction with the system. Therefor a (WPF) GUI and a database are important, as well as a
Restfull API. This Deep Tech-Venture also maintains several partnerships with 3rd parties to use specific libraries, in the field of Data processing and image processing.

Job Overview:

As a Software Engineer you will play a vital role in our dynamic and fast-paced startup environment.
You’ll be responsible for a wide range of tasks, while collaborating with a team of like-minded
individuals who share your passion for innovation. Much of the software will be built up from the
ground, there is not much legacy code.
You will be involved in all stages of development, and will be directly interfacing with engineers from
other disciplines and with suppliers. There is much room to grow, along with the company.
Grow along with the company

Key Responsibilities:

Software Development: Design, develop, and maintain software solutions using your technical
expertise in C# and/or C++. The core of the software relates to machine control, with adjacent topics
like GUI development, smart data querying, image processing.
Proactive Problem Solving: Demonstrate a proactive attitude in identifying and resolving issues
before they become problems, and contribute innovative solutions to improve existing processes.
Project Ownership: Show a strong sense of responsibility for project execution. Ensure that projects
are delivered on time, within scope, and with high quality. Take ownership of your work and drive
projects to successful completion.
Team Collaboration: Be a team player who thrives in a collaborative environment. Share knowledge,
communicate effectively, and foster a positive and productive team dynamic to achieve our common


• A minimum bachelor’s degree in Computing Science or a related field to provide the
necessary theoretical foundation for tackling complex challenges.
• Strong technical skills in C# and/or C++, with the ability to develop efficient, reliable, and
high-performance software solutions.
• A proactive attitude, combined with the ability to identify problems and contribute
innovative solutions.
• A deep commitment to taking ownership and responsibility for project execution.
Highly valued additional qualifications include:
• Sound knowledge of Unified Modeling Language (UML) modeling for effective project
communication and documentation.
• Willingness to learn how to develop GUI software with Windows Presentation Foundation
(WPF) or database management software.
• Competitive salary.
• Access to cutting-edge technology and research facilities.
• A dynamic startup environment with cutting-edge technologies.
• Opportunities for professional development and continued education.
• Collaborative team-oriented culture with like-minded professionals.
• Potential for career growth within the organization.

How to Apply:

If you are a highly motivated and innovative developer with a passion for technology like laser-based
materials processing, we encourage you to apply for this position. Please submit your resume, cover
letter, and any relevant publications or research work to
We are an equal opportunity employer, and we enthusiastically invite candidates from diverse
backgrounds and experiences to join our team and contribute to the future.