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October 9, 2023

Inner: several internships available

INNER is an early-stage B2B Deep-Tech startup based in Eindhoven.

We are on an ambitious mission to boost the global transition into green energy by making electric vehicles safer and more sustainable. We have proprietary technology, with six granted U.S. patents and many more to follow, around the architecture of a modular X-Ray detector and around image processing. 

We intend to design and introduce the first commercial drive-through CT chamber to scan an electric car, with the battery in situ, to detect future thermal runaways.    

We are looking for creative, independent (yet team players) interns who are passionate about creating something new and about technological innovation. We are a small team, so everyone makes a great impact. 

Join us, as it will surely be a fun ride!

We have five internship positions available now. We are searching for:

  • Mechanical Engineer to support the design
  • Electronic Engineer to work in updating the hardware
  • A Software Engineer/Programmer to support the image processing
  • Marketing Intern to develop the strategy and the marketing plan, setting the foundation of company’s storytelling, planning and executing social media presence, website and all other marketing materials
  • Quality Assurance Engineer

If you are a highly motivated student/young professional who wants to explore the startup world, have an entrepreneurial mindset and want to contribute with your knowledge and be part of the change, send your CV and motivation letter to